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  • For more information about the Gala or the Stallion Service and Trainer Services Auction, contact Debbie LaMay or Muriel Herrick.


Our 2006 Stallion and Trainer Services Auction will be going live on-line January 1, 2006 and culminating at our Gala Fundraiser on Saturday, February 25, 2006, 6:00 PM

Be the highest bidder on one of the many quality Morgan stallions offered in our 2006 MMHBF Stallion Service Auction and your resulting foal will be eligible to compete in the 2007 MMHBF Breeders Sweepstakes in September. Stallions currently enrolled to participate include:

  • Aljaks Double Whammy (Century Free Spirit X Liberation Star Brite)
  • Amazing Kite (JPSJG Just Amazing x Devan Black Lace)
  • Aspenglow Insurrection (Tara's Cherokee x Cedar Creek Pandemonium)
  • Astronomicallee (Futurity French Command x Liberation Star Brite)
  • Broadway Rythm In Brass (MEMC Tequila Cuervo x Nantons Notorious)
  • Cedar Creek Bolero (Stonecroft Byzantine x Cedar Creek Razzle Dazzle)
  • Century Contender (Tedwin Topic x Appleton Baroness)
  • Century Nightmusic (Stonecroft Byzantine x Appleton Baroness)
  • Chandel Absolut (Shakers Alimon x Chandel Harmony)
  • DBA Street Talk (Serenity Masterpiece x Kinglow's Cherish)
  • JDS Legal Enforcer (Whitmorr Law & Order x SCS Kashmir)
  • Gradell's Wild Magic (Treble's Willy Wild x UVM Hester)
  • Hillfield Nightrider (Shakers Destry x Sparkle Lightly)
  • Key Biscayne (Nobility x Nantons Marcia A)
  • Killarney's Redemption (Fletcher Thorny Hill x Ultra Vanity Fair)
  • Lookaway's Empyreal Light (HVK Guiding light x KEW Emperean)
  • Masque In Black (Stonecroft Masquerade x WTK Moonlight Magic)
  • Menomin Flash Dancer (DPR Notability x WR Corianna)
  • Menomin Yankee D Dandy (Green Meads Yankee x Menomin Mercedes)
  • PWF Good Will Hunting (DFM Keep The Faith x RHM Promise Me Roses)
  • Salem Command (Noble Command x Ru-Lee Mystique)
  • Simply Maserati (Dancity Sojourn x Sioux's Hot Tamale)
  • SPR French Twist (Futurity French Command x SPR Madonna)
  • Tolstoy (War And Peace x Up Hyre Jewel Of The Nile)
  • Tug Hill Celebrity (Wham Bam Command x Tara's Rebecca)
  • TVM I Promise (UVM Promise x UVM Victoria)
  • Ultras Executive Order (Whitmorr Law & Order x Up Hyre Serene Topic)
  • Ultras Hi-Definition (Ultras Special Agent x Miss Melissa)
  • Ultras Special Agent (Tug Hill Commando x Up Hyre Serene Topic)
  • Uppertown Just In Caisse (Carlyle Upper Caisse x Just Because)
  • Whitmorr Law & Order (Cedar Creek Legality x Troutbrook Pamela D)
  • WIllo Pond Knight Rebel (Covenant Knight Heir x Dasha Morgans Marja)
  • Ye Old Regal Knight (JDS Legal Enforcer x Sparkling Rianna)
  • Ye Old Rumple Mintz (Ultras Special Agent x VHF Pepamint Schnaps)

In 2005, $10,000 was split between three auction foals that placed in our Top Ten. In 2006, $12,500 in bonus prize money will be distributed to any of the auction-result foals that place in the Top Ten in our Sweepstakes. The 2006 Gala Fundraising will determine the amount of bonus money split for the 2007 Sweepstakes class. Additionally, the dam of the auction-sweepstakes foals must be declared in writing by December 31, 2006. For a declaration form, please go to our Futurity Forms page.


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