Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular

apoint usa logo (1)2016 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular Champion
JDS Mazzolini (ZZ Top x HVK Fancy Lass)

Owned by JD Stables, Dan & Debbie LaMay
Presented by Michael and Grant Slomkowski

2017 Total Prize Money to be awarded – $24,000

$12,000 to be awarded to the Top Ten Morgan Weanlings.

Additional $12,000 Bonus Prize Money to be shared equally among any “auction get” placing in the Top Ten.

When: Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Where: Michigan State University Pavilion, East Lansing, Michigan

2017 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular Class Information

Class Eligibility:  Open to ALL 2017 Morgan foals sired by the stallions listed below, their services having sold in the 2016 Stallion Service Auction. Class is also open to any 2017 Morgan foal identified as being the result of a breeding purchased in the 2015 Stallion Service Auction where the breeding was unsuccessful and where the rebred mare was declared by December 1, 2016.

Stallions Nominated for the 2017 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular

  Astronomicallee JDS Soloist Roberto Cavalli
  Balenciaga KJM Soul Commander Rowneda Boogie On Down
  BKC Valiant Star KSS Maximus Roy-El’s Grand Opening
  CBMF Over The Moon LaTours Out-A-Cash RPS Extraordinaire
  DBA Street Talk LVM The Black Ace Salem Command
  Dragonsmeade Sea Dragon Masque N’ Black SIMF True Legacy
  Dreamers Moonlight Rambo MEM Bacardi Spellcaster
  Evening Attire MEM Intoxicated Superman
  GLB Bellasandro MEM The Patriot TB Midnite Summers Dreamer
  Graycliff Tony GCH Merriehill Home Streatch Ultras Special Agent
  Heartland Special Dreamer Moneymaker WRR Astroboy
  Illegal Motion OTM Total Eclipse ZZ Top
  JDS Paladin Pazazz Queen’s Glory Days


Entry Fee:  $175 per foal after August 15, 2017. After the show entry closing date, the class entry fee will be $250 per foal. If the foal was not entered in the show by August 15, 2017, the show entry closing date, $25 per horse post entry fee will also apply. All entries must be completed by NOON, Saturday, September 9, 2017, at which time entries close for the 2017 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular.

Information Forms:   At show check-in, be prepared to complete a form which will include the foal’s date of birth, names of sire and dam, and registration numbers of sire, dam and foal (if registered).   Foal owners must also complete and sign IRS Form W-9 requesting the OWNER’S Social Security number. Click here to download the MMHBF 2017 Appointments USA Weanling Info Form.

Class Routine: The order of entry will be posted at the Show Office during the Saturday afternoon session. The order will be randomly generated by computer with the specification that, for handlers with multiple entries, there be at least two horses between his or her entries. No requests for changes will be honored.

Part 1 – The class will begin with each entry in the order posted making an individual appearance of a maximum of 2 minutes before the judge, then leaving the ring. After the last horse has left the ring and after the judge has made the selection, the top 12 entries (or more at the discretion of the judge) will be announced and then a break of no less than 10 minutes will follow.

Part 2 – After the break, the previously-announced top entries will re-enter the ring and line up on the rail, and the judge will complete the class.

DNA Test:  Immediately after the class a DNA hair sample will be taken from each of the Top Ten foals and also from the 11th and 12th place foals; these samples to be submitted to AMHA for DNA verification.  No DNA testing fees will be charged to the owners of the foals tested. MMHBF will provide blank DNA test kits for the sampling.   All DNA samples will be sent to the testing laboratory within 72 hours of the close of the show.

Class Awards:

Champion to receive trophy, ribbon, Appointments USA sheet and $3,000.
Reserve Champion – ribbon, Appointments USA sheet and $2,040.
Balance of Top Ten to receive ribbons and cash prizes:
3rd – $,1620
4th – $1,320
5th – $1020
6th – $840
7th – $720
8th – $600
9th – $480
10th – $360
Bonus Prize Money to be awarded as described below.

Bonus Prize Money: $12,000 Bonus Prize Money is to be divided equally among all Bonus-eligible foals (see description below) that place in the Top Ten of the Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular.

Bonus Prize Eligibility:  Foals identified as being the result of a breeding purchased the evening of the Gala in the 2016 Stallion Service Auction  (or an identified carry-over re-breeding from the 2015 Auction) are eligible for the 2017 Bonus Prize money.  In addition, as publicized by MMHBF, each stallion owner whose donated stallion service was purchased the evening of the Gala in the 2016 Stallion Service Auction was given the opportunity to identify one of the purchased stallion’s foals to be eligible for the 2017 Bonus Prize Money. IN ALL CASES, THE BIOLOGICAL DAM OF THE FOAL FROM THE PURCHASED OR DONATED STALLION SERVICE MUST HAVE BEEN DECLARED BY DECEMBER 1, 2016 or by December 31, 2016 with the payment of a $100 late penalty.

Payment of Prizes:  Prize checks will be mailed once DNA tests have been confirmed. Each prize check will be made payable to the foal owner of record and will be VOID 60 days after the date of issue.