Sold 2018 Stallions

Thank you to the bidders for making the
2018 Stallion Auction a success! 

Congratulation on your winning bid…
(listed in alphabetical order by stallion name)

Please see Top 10 Stallions these sold stallions
Please see the
 2018 Stallions page for descriptions on these stallions

Balenciaga – Holly Linden
Caffeinated – Rose Blumer
BMF Burn Notice CH – Kaitlyn Karrington
CBMF Urban Legend
– Paul Eicher
Carlyle Upper Caisse
– Terry King Eustice
GLB Bellesandro
– Monique Childs
– Paul Eicher
JDS Legal Enforcer
– Dianne Storrick
JDS Paladin Pazazz 
– Holly Linden
JDS Soloist
– Paul Eicher
KSS Maximus
– Sandra Stearns
LSP Piece Of The Action
– Paul Eicher
LVM The Black Ace
– Jon & Vicky Sweet
Masque N Black
– Steven Yoder
MEM Intoxicated
– Lynn Pichette
MEM The Patriot
– Harley Fry
OTM Total Eclipse
 – Bonnie Anderson
Rose Valley Very Impressive – Lynn Pichette
Salem Command – Kathy Aeschleman
TB Midnite Summers Dream – Anne Wyland
Treble’s Facebook – Terry King Eustice
Ultras Special Force – Sheri Homier
Ultras Special Agent – Bobbie Jo Graham
WVS Extreme Demander – Jon & Vicky Sweet