Auction Terms & Conditions



Saturday, March 3, 2018

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Stallion pages on our Website attempt to summarize basic terms and conditions for each stallion. However, all bidders should understand that all they are acquiring is a breeding CONTRACT for the stallion of their choice. The breeding is subject to the specific terms as outlined in the stallion owner’s breeding contract. THE TERMS IN THE BREEDING CONTRACT SUPERSEDE ANY TERMS FOUND ON OUR WEBSITE OR IN THE PRINTED AUCTION PROGRAM.
  2. The MMHBF Stallion Service Auction is committed to promoting the Morgan horse breed by making available to qualified bidders, Morgan stallions whose owners have agreed to donate a breeding to the MMHBF SSA for the prevailing winning bid. Details, photographs, and related documents, etc. (as provided by stallion owners or their agents) are made available for bidder inspection prior to and at the auction event. The MMHBF SSA expressly recommends and cautions potential bidders to review all available information prior to the bidding process.  The MMHBF SSA makes every effort to ensure accuracy in its offerings, but cannot and will not substantiate the details or condition of the stallions offered or the accuracy of the details relating to their get.  In the event of changes, errors, and/or omissions to the printed program or Website, the auctioneer will make appropriate announcement prior to the opening of the bidding process at the auction event.  Breeding contracts (to cover such items as collection fees, shipping fees, and attendant arrangements) as supplied by stallion owners will be provided to the successful bidder once the bidder’s payment has been received and confirmed by MMHBF.  All subsequent arrangements and undertakings are between stallion owner and successful bidder ONLY.  The MMHBF SSA is an avenue for the purchase of a stallion service, and shall not be held liable for any breach of contract, dispute, or other dissatisfaction.  All sales are final.
  3. In the event of a dispute concerning the terms of the auction or breeding contract, all participants agree to accept the decision of the MMHBF Board of Directors as binding.
  4. Unless otherwise noted, the minimum bid on all stallion services is $500 in U.S. funds. Important note: If a stallion does not receive a minimum bid in the 2018 SSA, his 2019 offspring are not eligible for the 2019 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular class.
  5. Bids will be accepted online until noon the day before the Gala, after which time bidding will continue in silent-auction format at the Gala. The highest online bid will be the opening bid for any stallion service. In the event of two or more bids for the same amount on the same stallion, the earliest bid shall determine the accepted bid.
  6. The Top 10 highest bid Stallions will go to live auction the night of the Gala. Each entry will be sold to the highest bidder. The auctioneer will be in charge concerning final bids.
  7. The auctioneer and/or MMHBF Board of Directors will decline any bid made by intoxicated or disorderly parties or by those who have defaulted on former purchases or by any person, who, in the judgment of the MMHBF Board of Directors, is not a reliable or responsible bidder.
  8. The mare owner is responsible for any bills concerning veterinary care, farrier, etc. In the event of semen transport, mare owners may be subject to collection fees and shipping charges. Consult stallion owner on the terms pertaining to the shipment of semen.
  9. Only registered Morgan mares will be accepted for breeding.
  10. All of the 2019 offspring of the stallions whose services were purchased in the 2018 MMHBF Stallion Service Auction are eligible to enter the 2019 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular.
  11. Regarding eligibility for the BONUS portion of the prize money, the Stallion Service must be purchased the night of the Gala, the purchaser must pay in full by April 1, 2018 AND the purchaser must submit a mare declaration form by December 1, 2018 to qualify the resulting foal for the BONUS portion of the prize money in the 2019 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular. Each stallion owner whose donated stallion service was purchased the night of the Gala may qualify one of that purchased stallion’s foals for the BONUS portion of the prize money in the 2019 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular by submitting a mare declaration form by December 1, 2018.  In the event a declared mare does not produce a foal as a result of breeding during the 2018 breeding season, a bonus qualifying CARRY-OVER to the 2020 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular may be received by filing a mare declaration form with proof of breeding attempt by December 1, 2018. To maintain carry-over bonus eligibility for the 2020 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular, the mare declaration form must be re-filed by December 1, 2019.  Carry-over eligibility for services purchased in the 2018 Stallion Service Auction will NOT be extended beyond the 2020 Appointments USA Weanling Spectacular.


Payment Terms:

  1. Cash, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) or good Check payable to MMHBF accepted. Returned checks will be charged a $50 processing fee.
  2. Payment in full is due before mare is bred or by April 1, 2018, whichever is earlier.